WTF!?: April Fools Edition

This week in WTF!?, we’re taking a look at some of the greatest pranks on YouTube.  With April Fool’s just around the corner, we here at TOB want to make sure that you have the perfect prank for your friends and loved ones.  Let’s take a look at some of the pranks that caught my attention:

The Best Drunk Prank Ever?
The first video we’re going to look at today is the self-proclaimed “Best Drunk Prank Ever.”  Here, you see your typical, hopeless college drunk passed out on a couch…his friends have already drawn all over him, and now they’re about to do something even more extreme.  Take a look:

Good thing this guy could swim…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be too happy with anyone that tried to pull that one on me!

A Fun Way to Scare A Roommate…
In this video, you’re going to learn a really fun way to scare your roommate.  This one gives me a really, really good idea on how to scare my roommate on April Fool’s Day next week!

Step 1…Cut a Hole in a Cup
Step 2 is NOT to put your junk in that cup.  Instead, give your friends a little bit of a shock whenever they try to take a sip of their favorite beverage.  This is a simple one that I definitely want to try!

There’s Just Something About a Japanese Mob…
In this next video, you’re going to see a mob of like…50 Japanese pranksters ganging up on unsuspecting individuals.  I think the only time I would recommend this one is if you’ve got a mob of Japanese people.  But regardless, there’s just something about a Japanese mob that makes me laugh…

Good with impersonations?
If you’re good with impersonations at all, you’ll probably admire this guy just as much as I do.  Prank calls can be a lot of fun when you have a good cast of characters to mock.

Hopefully with these videos you can start to formulate your great prank for April Fools Day.


Welcome to That One Blog!

Welcome to That One Blog 2.0!  After just about 2 1/2 years of hiatus (almost three…yikes…), we’re finally coming back online to deliver the most innovative content ever seen on a blog!

To create this new version of That One Blog, I spent the past three months working on ideas for content that were more “involved” with today’s society.  Whether it be the new weekly feature “App Attack,” which showcases the greatest apps for your Android phone or your iPhone, or The Weekly 10, which showcases the top 10 stories we’re talking about this week, That One Blog is back to aggregate and give our own spin on the news you want to hear about.

Of course, a big task like that requires a lot of planning and testing/adjusting.  For the next few days, That One Blog will be in a “soft opening” mode.  We’ll be testing some of our new features over the next few days, and we’re interested to see what you have to say about them.  PLEASE leave us your comments and recommendations.  Follow us on Twitter (@TOBTweets), shoot us an email…whatever you’d like to do, we want your help!

Let’s talk a little bit about what you’re going to find on the new TOB (yay new moniker!!!).  Every week, you’ll find a slew of our Regular Features, like App Attack!, eBay Hunter, and The Weekly 10 (updated every Friday).  We’ll also give you some of the hottest news in the videogame world, technology news, album reviews, TV and movie updates…and a whole lot more.  TOB is designed to be a collaboration of everything in the nerd world.

Over the next few days, we’re going to continue wrapping up our reopening process.  In the meantime, enjoy what we have coming to you tonight!  Welcome to That One Blog!